Students will learn about architectural styles, then draw their own building designs using combinative methods.  Historical architectural styles will be viewed as well as the work of modern architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry and I.M. Pei.  

Students will create vessels out of clay using the coil, slab and wheel thrown methods. Metaphoric design strategies will be used to create unique and original works using traditional clay construction methods.


Book making, jewelry making, basketry and glass fusing will be some of the products made by students.  The history of each craft will be studied.


Students will create abstract and non-representational compositions using the principles and elements of design.  Visual thinking problem solving strategies will be used to motivate students to create unique, original solutions.  The work of artists like Pablo Picasso, Bridget Riley and M.C. Escher will be studied.

Students will learn to see like an artist and realistically draw three-dimensional shapes on two-dimensional surfaces.  A variety of drawing techniques and the parts of shading will be emphasized.  The work of Leonardo da Vinci, Edward Hopper, Mary Cassatt and other artists will be emphasized.

Students will experiment with watercolor and acrylic painting techniques while practicing the principles and elements of design. Artistic styles of painters like Henri Matisse, Mark Chagall, Renee Magritte, and Chuck Close will be studied.

Printmaking techniques including reduction relief, mono-print and etching will be studied. The work of printmakers will be reviewed like Albrecht Durer and Andy Warhol.

Found object, additive, subtractive, and wire sculptures will be constructed by students. Artists like Alberto Giacometti, Louise Nevelson, Henry Moore and Alexander Calder will be studied.