44300 American Government & Politics AP(Credit - 1) (Elective) (Semester) (Grade: 12)

(Advanced Placement Course*) (Grade: Weighted) 
*This course will take the place of the US Government requirement.
The prerequisite to taking enrichment courses is the following:  1)  The student has a cumulative G.P.A of 3.20 or above, or 2)  The student has a 3.20 G.P.A. or above in previous related course work.  Exceptions to this prerequisite can be made via a written application process.  Applications can be obtained at the guidance office.
The primary goal of the course is to successfully complete the national examination in American government. Students will be expected to keep up with a demanding reading schedule, take notes, conduct research, and participate meaningfully in class discussions.  Topics of inquiry include the Constitution, the structure and function of the three branches of government, Federalism, public opinion and policy development.
College Credit Transfer Details: The high school offers college credit courses for students, but remember it is the students' responsibility for their transcripts being sent to their college of choice for transfer of credits. Transcript Release Form