81011-12 Veterinary & Plant Sciences

81011 - Fall
81012 - Spring

(Credit - 2) (Elective) (Year) (Grade: 10-11-12)

The Animal & Plant Science course will concentrate on Plant Science 1st semester and Animal Science 2nd semester. During the 1st semester, students are immersed in inquiry-based exercises filled with activities, projects, and problems to teach them plant concepts through laboratory and practical experiences. Student experiences will include the study of plant anatomy and physiology, classificiation, and the fundamentals of production and harvesting. Students will learn how to apply scientific knowledge and skills to use plants effectively for agriculutral and horticultural production. Students will discover the value of plant production and its impact on the individual, local, and global economy. Topics covered will include soils, plant production around the world, hydroponics, and anatomy & physiology.


During the 2nd semester, students will develop a comprehensive Producer's Management Guide for an animal of their choice. Student experiences will involve the study of animal anatomy, physiology, behavior, nutrition, reproduction, health, selection, and marketing. For example, students will acquire skills in meeting the nutritional needs of animals while developing balanced, economical rations. Throughout the course, students will consider the perceptions and preferences of individuals within local, regional, and world markets. Topics covered will include the history of animals, animal handling and safety, and cells & tissues.