91050 Intro to Greenhouse & Landscape Construction

(Credit - 1) (Elective) (Semester) (Grade: 11-12)

(College Elective Credit Course - AGH132 and AGH142) (6 DMACC credits) (Grade: Non-weighted)

Intro to Greenhouse & Landscape Construction is developed as a hands-on skills based class. The first part of the course will create an atmosphere of a commercial greenhouse where students will mass produce plants for sale, maintain a greenhouse, hydroponics, and potting soil production. In addition, fruit tree maintenance, viticulture, floriculture, fertilizer plan development, and grafting will be a part of greenhouse management. Students will also learn about high tunnels to extend growing seasons of horticulture crops. As students learn repetition skills, they will also be learning about the science of how each of these processes work. Greenhouse work will be the focus during the winter and cold months of the year.

Landscaping will be the second portion of the course where students will learn skills in landscape architecture and design. Students will learn how to build retaining walls, water gardens, and plant trees and shrubs. In addition, there is potential for a partnership with DeJongs & Nicks Greenhouse to fill needed orders.

College Credit Transfer Details: The high school offers college credit courses for students, but remember it is the students' responsibility for their transcripts being sent to their college of choice for transfer of credits.  Transcript Release Form