81250 Survey of the Animal Industry

(Credit - 1) (Elective) (Semester) (Grade: 11-12)


(College Elective Credit Course - AGS 113) (3 DMACC credits) (Grade: Non-weighted)

This is a foundation-level course designed to engage students in hands-on laboratories and activities to explore the world of animal agriculture. Throughout the course, students will develop a comprehensive Producer's Management Guide for an animal of their choice. Student experiences will involve the study of animal anatomy, physiology, behavior, nutrition, reprodcution, health, selection, and marketing. For example, students will acquire skills in meeting the nutritional needs of animals while developing balanced, economical rations. Throughout the course, students will consider the perceptions and preferences of individuals within local, regional, and world markets. 

College Credit Transfer Details: The high school offers college credit courses for students, but remember it is the students' responsibility for their transcripts being sent to their college of choice for transfer of credits.  Transcript Release Form