41001-41002 U.S. History

(Credit - 2) (Required) (Year) (Grade: 9)
This course is a survey of American History from Reconstruction to the 21st Century.  It will begin with a brief review of Civil War topics and follow with seven major units of study.
            Unit 1 – American Beginnings to 1877
            Unit 2 – Bridge to the 20th Century (1877‐1900)
            Unit 3 – Modern American Emerges (1890‐1920)
            Unit 4 – The 1920’s and The Great Depression (1919‐1940)
            Unit 5 – World War II and Its Aftermath (1931‐1960)
            Unit 6 – Living with Great Turmoil (1954‐1975)
            Unit 7 – Passage to a New Century (1968‐present)
The course will emphasize both individual and group work strategies.  Major requirements of this course will include tests, quizzes, textbook reading, note taking, projects, self‐study assignments, and critical thinking activities.