(Credit - 1) (Elective) (Semester) (Grades: 9-10-11-12)

Application and Acceptance Required -  Application Form
Peer Art is a class developed for students with special needs and gives them the ability to express their creative individuality through the visual arts. This class will be assisted with Peer Helpers who will work one-on-one with the special needs students and will learn the "hand over hand" technique of assisting these students with creating their own works of art. This program will focus on providing an enjoyable experience for our students where they can explore their emotions, their five senses, and their range of abilities through creative steps.
Special needs students will attend this class twice per week and the Peer Helpers will meet everyday. The Peer Helpers will spend their time learning about the art projects, working with special needs students, keeping a log of all activities, interactions, experiences with the special needs students, and will be taught about how the special needs brain thinks.